Stosser Diskzine for Atari ST

Stosser was released in 1993 for the Atari ST by Tony Greenwood and was based around the STOS Basic Programming Language by Mandarin Software. Tony felt there was a lack of support for STOS Basic users so he decided to create Stosser. The idea behind the diskzine is that it was written by stossers for stossers: meaning that every STOS Basic programmer would support the entire community by writing articles and tutorials for it. It managed to run for 29 issues before it was finally discontinued due to lack of contributions. The diskzine had four editors in its lifetime: Steve Gooding, Keith Dunn (Keefy), Bob Goodfellow (Auld Bastid) and myself Dean Sharples (Deano).

Download All 29 Issues Here

View Stosser Issues on YouTube

Updated: 5th April 2017 — 7:15 pm

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