The Correct Mindset

Applying the correct mindset means to focus on a set of rules and stick with them. The following rules apply to building your home business. Focus and apply them at all times and never consider giving up. Tell yourself that failure is not an option. There is nothing complicated about building a business but it does require that you continue to make the effort and to believe in yourself. Also don’t believe that you have to be a successful business man with many qualifications. Thousands of people from all walks of life earn a part-time or full-time income from home and you can too.


Despite what people may say, making money online is not an easy ride. It takes patience and effort along with the will to succeed. Don’t believe for one minute that you will be a millionaire next month just by following a few easy steps then sitting back and doing nothing more. You will read stories about how you can work just one hour a day in your pyjamas which is true – but that is only once you have built your business. Building your business can take anything between six months to a year before you get to that stage. Except this and you are on the way to success.


The demon of “self-doubt” will present itself from time to time. This could be in the form of people and even your own thoughts that tell you that “these things are all scams” and “you haven’t got what it takes to succeed”. It is important that you believe in yourself and ignore the negative comments. Continue to focus on your plans and only change what is clearly not working. There will be times you make mistakes but this is human nature. Just remember the saying: if at first you don’t succeed try try again. You have only failed when you give up without trying your best.


Scammers are after money and will do and say anything to convince you to hand it over. This puts most people off the idea of making money online as they are afraid of losing it. It is possible to make money from no investment but if you truly want to be successful then you should be willing to invest a reasonable amount of money into your business to give it a kick-start.  The main costs will be on advertising and business tools such as an autoresponder and a website. An autoresponder service costs around $20 a month and is the main tool you need.

Be careful how much you spend. Many people end up with huge credit card bills trying to do everything too quick. Set yourself a sensible budget that you can afford and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to throw money at any system without checking it out thoroughly and deciding if it is worth the investment. Remember that you are sticking to a budget and you will never end up in debt. You can always increase your budget as you start to make money if need be.


Setting short-term and long-term goals help you focus on what you want to achieve in your life. Imagine that your long-term goal is to reach the top of the stairs. It can’t be reached in one step so you need to take one step at a time (your short-term goals) in order to reach the top.

What do you hope to gain from building a business from home? Maybe you want to be super rich or maybe you just want a second or replacement income. Whatever you want to gain can become your long-term goal and the steps you take to achieve it become your short-term goals. One example of a short-term goal is to earn enough money to cover your basic business costs.


Do you take a total of five minutes a day to brush your teeth or do you wait till weekend and scrub them for nearly an hour? Do you think you will really lose weight if you only dieted and exercised when you felt like it? In order to succeed it is best to do something on a regular basis. Keeping it consistent means sticking to a daily, weekly and monthly plan. There is no benefit to letting something build up or putting it off with the intention of trying to catch up all at once. Telling yourself you’ll get round to it is more likely to result in it never getting done.


Make a planner list of things you need to do to build your business and put them into a daily, weekly and monthly category. By doing this you will find it is easier to keep up with everything by keeping it consistent – that is doing everything a bit at a time. Trying to do everything at once can result in information overload and put you off altogether. Allow yourself up to 30 minutes a day to work on your business and complete your daily tasks. Here is an example planner for you.


Surf Traffic Exchanges

Answer Emails


Send Out Solo Ads

Write Articles


Research New Products

Read New Information

By organizing your time wisely you should be able to put aside 30 minutes of more to work on your business each day, even if it means making any necessary changes to your daily routine. We often use “having no time” as an excuse but we can make time if we really want to. Maybe you can wake up a little earlier or go to bed a little later? Ask your partner to look after the children while you perform your daily tasks. Spend a little time between household chores etc…

Remember: When you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

Updated: 5th April 2017 — 7:12 pm

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